Microsoft said it will not interfere with Mojang's plans for its upcoming “Minecraft” convention dubbed as Minecon 2015.

The tech giant noted that the event will serve as a great opportunity to learn more about the “Minecraft” community, according to Venture Beat.

After Mojang was acquired by Microsoft in September of last year, followers of the studio and its game worried that the parent company might make significant changes to the firm's operations.

They also feared that the annual Minecon events might no longer happen since Microsoft stages its own conventions for its properties and games. But according to the company, it has no plans of restricting Mojang activities especially when it comes to connecting with its supporters.

“We're extremely thankful for our passionate community of players, builders, and content creators whi have made ‘Minecraft' the global phenomenon it is today,” a Microsoft representative said in a statement.

“It was important to us to help where needed but let Mojang carry on the tradition of Minecon as a meaningful celebration of the ‘Minecraft' community,” the spokesperson added.

For Microsoft, letting Mojang continue its annual events is a helpful way for the company to connect with “Minecraft” fans. This has been the company's goal ever since it became the owner of the Swedish video game development studio.

As to what attendees could expect for the upcoming event, Microsoft didn't reveal the details of Mojang's plans but said the upcoming Minecon will still feel like the previous conventions.

“Mojang is planning some new surprises, but attendees can expect the same great experience and authentic Minecon experience as past events,” the company spokesperson said.

The two-day Minecon 2015 event will take place on July 4 and 5 and will be held at the Excel London Exhibition and Conference Center in the London Borough of Newham, IGN reported. Tickets for the event will be sold this Friday and Saturday and can be purchased through the Minecon page.