People play violent games, where they kill characters in the most horrific ways. In other games, the murder scenes are not explicit, but only the thought that your characters will “die” is troubling the players. Minecraft is not necessarily a sadistic game, but many deaths happen in it and the players want to know in how many ways they can die.

By The Ghast

Ghasts stay around the Nether, they’re floating and their eyes and mouth are closed and they might trick you to believe they’re cure and harmless with those sounds they make, imitating cats or infants. They have the size of 4x4x4 blocks and their tentacles have the size of a player, and when you’re in their attack range (within sixteen blocks), ghasts will open fire and kill you. Also, these things will make other mobs attack you, but they will never attack mobs.


TNT is a cube with an edge length of 0.98 and when it’s activated, it’s spawn at the center of a powered TNT block. If it’s activated by redstone/fire, its fuse lasts 40 redstone ticks, and it’s destroyed by an explosion – a number between 10 – 30 game ticks. Primed TNT’s texture blinks and the texture will alternate between the normal texture and a pure white one. Primed TNT can be pushed by water and when it’s shot through lava, it catches on fire. TNTs can be used for traps such as land mines, which generate naturally in desert temples, and they activated when they’re placed by a dispenser, hit by a fire charge fireball, in contact with fire or lava etc.

By Drowning

Players can’t breathe under water, so they will drown for sure when their air supply value drops. It’s recommended to keep a solid block (cobblestone or dirt) somewhere on the toolbar, so when mining into a spring or ocean and making a hole, the player should use that block to block it. This way, they will not drown.

By Falling

Players can’t fly either, so if they will fall from a height equivalent to 23 blocks, they will surely die, even if they are protected by their armor. The only thing that can save them is an armor enchanted with Feather Falling or Protection.

By The Enderdragon

This is the boss that appears in the end and the death won’t be pleasant! It throws out fire, it’s very healthy (the purple health bar appears at the top of the screen), it can regenerate itself using Ender crystals and when you’re destroying an ender crystal when the dragon is being healed, it will take a 10 damage.

Minecraft Methods to Die – Try to Avoid Them