‘Minecraft’ Latest News & Update: Pocket Edition Receives 0.16 Patch; What to Expect in the Update

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  • Mojang's ‘Director of Fun' Lydia Winters speaks about ‘Minecraft' during the Microsoft Xbox E3 press conference at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, California.
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“Minecraft” Pocket Edition received the 0.15.7 update on Aug. 31. Mojang released this to fix bugs and provide improvements on the game's graphics' texture. The game developer wants to give the best to fans so the 0.16.0 update was immediately released as a follow-up, and it is available for free.

The updates were release with a very short time difference so it is apparent that Mojang is working non-stop for “Minecraft” Pocket Edition. The latest patch was announced by Mojang's Tommaso Checchi via his Twitter account.

Prior to the release of update, he tweeted, “And yes 0.16 is coming, but we don't announce things before said things are already implemented. Be patient, it will be cool!”

The 0.16.0 update is also called “The Boss Update” and based on the information posted “Minecraft” Pocket Edition Wiki page. The latest changelog shows changes including new options, addition of polar bears, new maps, underwater temples and more.

In the previous games, players used to distinguish whether the area is ground or water through looking at the color blue and green but in 0.16 update. The maps will reveal more texture and colors to identify various environments including the desert, jungle, ice or swamp.

In addition, the menu settings was redesigned and more options were added by Mojang. Checchi revealed that there is a new inventory mode that allows players to to easily search for items and blocks by names. This change will definitely speed up the gameplay.

With all the great changes, it is easy to see that patch 0.16.0 offers more content to “Minecraft” PE compared to other updates which only provided minor improvements on the game's performance and visuals.

At any rate, although there is no announcement, the update may only be exclusive to “Minecraft” Pocket Edition on Windows 10. Gamers will have to wait for more details about the 0.16 patch notes on the upcoming MineCon 2016 which will start on Sept. 24.

‘Minecraft’ Latest News & Update: Pocket Edition Receives 0.16 Patch; What to Expect in the Update