Minecraft: Wii U Edition, along with its console brethren, has seen relatively frequent updates and additions. Sometimes these can be simple bug fixes, or occasionally include minigames such as the ‘Battle' addition earlier this year.

Mojang has now unveiled another minigame that's coming in the latest update – ‘Tumble'.

This writer isn't a Minecraft veteran, but has been informed (and looked up the Wiki) that this is basically an official version of Spleef. In any case, it could be a popular addition.

As for when this'll arrive on Wii U, coincidentally there's maintenance coming up very soon, so the update could roll out after that; times for that server maintenance are below.

From August 30/31st, 6:50pm Pacific / 9:50pm Eastern / 2:50am UK / 3:50am CET – Tuesday, August 30/31st, 8:30pm Pacific / 11:30pm Eastern / 4:30am UK / 5:30am CET.

In other words, the update could roll around on Wii U late tonight into tomorrow.

How many of you hope to try out this minigame?

Minecraft Introduces ‘Tumble' Minigame in Console Update, With Wii U Maintenance on the Way