Minecraft fans all over the world were elated to hear that the latest update scheduled for March 29 will not be the last chapter in the widely successful Minecraft game series. Telltale Games has recently announced that it will be adding three more episodes to its Minecraft: Story Mode series to the delight of fans of the game. The update that is being released on March 29 is now being speculated that it will act as a bridge to tie the remaining story together. While the three new episodes do not have release dates yet, players who wish to purchase episodes 6, 7 and 8 will have to have purchased at least the first episode in the series that came out in October 2015 called “The Order of the Stone”.

Minecraft’s fifth installment, “Order Up!” will see the protagonist, Jesse and his group to an abandoned temple where, following an ambush by the former Ocelot Aiden and his crew, the team will enter an entirely new world called Sky City. The ruler of Sky City finds out that the new Order of the Stone are up to no good, and the catalyst to bridge the next three episodes will be set forth in the game.

According to the Telltale Games blog, the upcoming three episodes will continue the adventures of the New Order of the Stone and will see Jesse and his team in new worlds that have never been experienced before, sure to thrill fans of the game series.

The fifth installment will also see a new character added to the team, voiced by Melissa Hutchinson, who is known as Clementine in Telltale Games Walking Dead game adaptation. While the three additional episodes do not have release dates yet, the update on March 29 will hold fans over until the new dates for release are announced.

Minecraft Introduces the New Order of the Stone in Latest Update