Lego “Minecraft” Skin Packs have been released coming with four complete minifigs that are reportedly skinned from head to toe. Additionally, Lego included accessories for each Skin Packs such as shovels, picks, swords, axes and bows.

Lego “Minecraft” Skin Packs also come with regular minifigs which can be reassembled by players as they please. The said minifigs are said to be lightly fused unlike Lego magnets which are reportedly frustratingly joined together.

Lego's official online shop lists the Lego “Minecraft” Skin Packs on sale, but they can also be found in some brick-and-mortar stores soon. The Skin Packs sell at $14.99 each, which seem to be the cheapest price for a handful of “Minecraft” minifigs.

Meanwhile, apart from Lego “Minecraft” new Skin Packs, “Minecraft” on consoles just recently received a new update called content update 32 for the Xbox One and patch 1.35 for the PS4. The said “Minecraft” patch are focused on the new Battle Mode with a feature that ramps up the multiplayer component of the game. However, the game's survival mode did not receive a refresh.

The last few patches of “Minecraft's” Battle Mode that debuted this summer have also added new features and fixed bugs for the new mode. However, console developer 4J Studios has not done improvements and updates on the Survival Mode ever since Battle Mode launched in June. It has been established that the console version has always been delayed when it comes to update compared to its PC version.

The current delay is actually less than the previous update delays that brought huge changes to the game including ocean monuments for Mine “Minecraft” craft on consoles. In the meantime, reports claimed that 4J Studio is currently working on cool new features to be integrated to the game.

Lego “Minecraft” Skin Packs may not be the last Skin Packs to be released as “Minecraft” and Lego have proven to be a perfect match. This could mean that the franchise may probably add more Skin Packs in the future. Watch New LEGO “Minecraft” Skin Pack 1 & 2 plus DC here:

‘Minecraft' Gameplay Update: Lego ‘Minecraft' Skin Packs With Minifigs Not Frustrating Like Lego Magnets; Xbox One Update 32, PS4 1.35 Patch Battle Mode Released