The Minecraft gaming phenomenon is likely mainly known for the ilabor-intensive virtual constructions that dedicated users build using the game’s mineral-mining gameplay system. But it also includes the option to deal with enemies and boss battles. But users who play the game primarily on Windows 10 or Pocket Edition have seen a long amount of time go by without an update to that part of the experience.

That wait is coming to an end, however, as Mojang has announced the impending arrival of new enemy bosses for the bestselling title.

In a press released posted to their official site, Mojang announced the new updates along with some much-appreciated self aware humor about the lack of new information dropping over the summer months:

“Following the release of our Friendly Update back in June, we’ve been busy this summer avoiding harmful UV rays and working on bringing you more content for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta, Pocket Edition and the Gear VR Edition. On Monday, we’re excited to give you a sneak peek at what’s coming in the next major update for these editions, called the Boss Update. This fearsome update is packed with content that is sure to thrill every type ofMinecraft player, with two big new boss battles, new blocks for building and even the first set of long-awaited slash commands for those who love to tinker with the game.”

Minecraft Bosses Minecraft Finally Gets New Enemy Bosses

 Chief among the new additions to the game will be the ability for players operating in “Survival” mode to seek out and explore monuments located in underwater regions, which brings the promise of rare elements to mine but also the threat of encountering fearsome enemy guardians. Also looming in the update for those who would dare, the three-headed menace The Wither:

“Survival players are in for a real treat with the Boss Update. Ocean Monuments will be discoverable, and you can enjoy adventuring in these new, rare locations with their friends beneath the sea. Get ready to fight through the Elder Guardian boss and its squad of Guardian sea creatures with laser beams attached to their heads, conquer underwater enclaves and loot their treasures.

We’re also introducing the Wither boss battle to Minecraft on mobile and Windows 10 with the Boss Update. The Wither boss is a powerful, floating, three-headed mob who is clearly up to no good. You can summon and defeat this mob in order to claim the ultra-rare nether star item that it drops. Nether stars can then be used to craft beacons, unique blocks that can project a beam of light into the sky and can provide helpful status effects to players in the area.”

Other new features for players to experience will be the implementation of beacons, sea-sponge building elements, and prismarine blocks. These should prove useful to players looking to further expand their repertoire of building materials. A public beta for the game is set to debut Monday on Android, while Windows 10, Pocket and Gear VR updates are set for a fall launch. Additionally, a feature-length Minecraft movie remains in active development for 2019.

Screen Rant will have more information for you on the Minecraft updates as they are made available.

Minecraft Finally Gets New Enemy Bosses