Are you new to Minecraft? Then you are in the right place, because we’re going to reveal the top 10 tips and tricks for this great game developed by Mojang, which is currently owned by Microsoft.

  1. Place torches on crafting tables and furnaces

Before you begin make sure that you have a transparent block behind your crafting table or furnace. In case that there are some solid blocks around the crafting table/furnace, remove them, because if you don’t, the torches will gravitate towards them and the torches will be placed on top of the table/furnace.

After that target the transparent block edge which is facing the table/furnace and right click while you have a torch in your hand and you’re done.

  1. Placing blocks on the side of a torch

To do this, right-click on the side of the torch while having a block in your hand. This will place the block to the side of the torch. You can use this trick to cross lava pools and save resources.

  1. Breaking minecarts and boats with your bow

By using a bow and arrows, you will be able to break minecarts and boats and still receive the same drops as you would receive for breaking a boat normally.

  1. Wooden Slabs: immune to fire

Fire can’t harm wooden slabs and they are very resistant to against blasts. Keep this in mind if you play on a server where fire-spread is enabled.

  1. Stopping Water and Lava

By using ladders and signs, you can stop water and lava. You can place them to stop the water and lava.

  1. Moving items by using Ice Blocks

You can move items very fast by throwing them into the water, with ice blocks under them. Items that are placed on ice blocks will move faster instead of flowing in water without ice blocks.

  1. Survival Mode

If you play in Survival Mode, you can use swords to break cacti and melons faster. Also, by using an axe instead of a sword, you will be able to break pumpkins.

  1. Furnace

You can use any item made from wood such as jukeboxes, trapdoors, saplings chests or bookshelves to light the furnace.

  1. Blazing Rod and Lava Bucket

By using a blazing rod you can light the furnace for 120 seconds and can cook up to 12 items. However, if you use a Lava Bucket, you will be able to light the furnace for 1000 seconds and can cook up to 100 items.

And the last one, 10: Creative mode

When playing in Creative Mode, while you’re looking at an object, if you click on the scroll wheel of your mouse, you will get that object. This works even for mobs, grass or leaves.

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