The creator of one of the most popular games – Minecraft, Markus Persson also known as Notch, seems to hate free to play games and he doesn’t want Minecraft to go that way. There are many hosting companies that host servers for Mojang and use them to make money.

He said that “Servers selling (“rewards for donations” is selling) items are turning the game into a F2P game. I absolutely HATE F2P, with a passion”.

There are some Minecraft servers which allow players to pay for “benefits”, exactly opposed on what Minecraft EULA says. Because Minecraft’s popularity has increased over the last years, people started renting servers, but now there are some companies that use this kind of hosting to make some extra money by giving their users “benefits” and Mojang seems to dislike this.

Markus Persson, along with Mojang, will try to stop these kinds of “companies” that sell these types of servers in order to make some extra cash, because it is against Minecraft’s policy. Many think that Mojang is doing this because the created released last month the “Minecraft Realms”. Minecraft Realms allows users to rent servers and thes Minecraft servers are hosted by Mojang.

Are you a fan of the Minecraft game? Do you have a rented server for this game or you are planning on getting one from Mojang’s Minecraft Realms service?

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