Even with a dual GTX 780 Ti setup, this PC is getting 0 frames per second in certain circumstances.

Above: Even with a dual GTX 780 Ti setup, this PC is getting 0 frames per second in certain circumstances.

Minecraft may have antiquated-looking visuals, but some people are finding out this doesn’t guarantee a solid framerate.

Developer Mojang says it is aware that some people are experiencing issues with lower-than-usual framerates for Minecraft on PC. One of the recent incremental updates (which Mojang calls Snapshots) for the block-building phenomenon introduced a problem with its optimization, and this manifests in the game by causing stuttering, huge dips in frames-per-second, and block lag (where you can’t destroy a placed block due to desyncing issues). Now, the Microsoft-owned studio is working to fix the problem.

Minecraft designer and programmer Nathan “Dinnerbone” Adams posted to Twitter earlier today to let fans know that he was personally addressing the issue.

Normally, Mojang issues a new Minecraft snapshot on Wednesdays, but Adams didn’t want to wait that long to fix the framerate. The snapshot is available now, and you can download it here if you already own Minecraft.

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Late last week, Adams tweeted that he found a possible cause for the framerate issue.

Put simply, the game was loading the information for in-game locations into your processor’s main thread. Apparently, this was taxing hardware too much, and now Mojang only plans to do that for blocks that players have placed themselves.The latest snapshot only went live a few hours ago, so we’ll have to see if this fixes the problem for most players.

Minecraft developer pushes out update to ‘hopefully fix’ framerate problems on PC