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Developer 4J Studios, the development studio responsible for porting Minecraft to the Xbox and Playstation, is now seeking player feedback to find out what content fans would like to see become the next DLC for the sandbox creation game. On the developer’s official Twitter account, 4J Studios has asked the Minecraft community which Sony-owned franchises should be considered to be represented in upcoming downloadable add-ons for Minecraft.

It’s interesting to see the studio seeking fan input on new Minecraft content specifically for Playstation platforms considering that Microsoft purchased Minecraft creator, Mojang, earlier this year. This is just further proof that Microsoft legitimately meant that they plan to continue supporting the voxel-based title across all platforms despite the fact they could have easily decided to turn the widely popular franchise into an Xbox console exclusive.

Playstation owners will likely be pleased to see more DLC available for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita versions of Minecraft. Since the series existed on Xbox platforms for more than a year before appearing on Sony consoles, Playstation gamers have access to fewer pieces of DLC.

Thankfully, that may soon change since 4J Studios is now seeking feedback for new Minecraft mash-up packs based on Sony titles. In the past, Playstation owners have had to wait long periods before being able to play similar DLC packs such as the Skyrim Mash-up Pack. The prospect of new Sony-specific Minecraft add-ons would likely give Playstation platforms exclusive access to the upcoming content.


Minecraft – 4J Studios

The Playstation editions of Minecraft have seen a few skin packs inspired by Sony games such as The Last of Us, there has never been a full mash-up pack available exclusively on the PS3 and PS4. While Minecraft‘s popular skins packs allow console users to change the in-game appearance of their Minecraft avatar, mash-up packs completely change nearly every aspect of the block-filled game.

In addition to including character skins, mash-up packs also completely alter world textures in order to create an entirely new Minecraft experience, these comprehensive DLC packs also change the music of user interface of the game to more closely resemble the licensed property that the add-on is based on.

As 4J Studios looks for fan input, Mojang is busy working on an upcoming Minecraft update that will fully redesign the combat mechanics of the game. Mojang’s Searge tweeted a screenshot earlier this week that shows off the new equipment system that the developer is currently designing.

What Playstation titles would you like to see recreated in Minecraft with a new mash-up pack DLC?

‘Minecraft’ Dev Wants To Know What Playstation Games You Want To See As Future Mash-Up DLC