‘Minecraft' content and competitors update: While celebrations culminate with new content, a threat arrives

(Mojang)“Minecraft” has received a recent update aimed at Windows 10 Edition users, but a new game is intent on creating a different experience for “Minecraft” players.

“Minecraft” could be on a good start to 2016. Aside from improvements to their “Pocket Edition” and “Educational Edition,” a new skin pack arrives as part of Mojang's welcoming the new year. However, there's also the case of a new game which has been dubbed a ‘Minecraft killer.'

First, Game Spot's report updates players on the issue of a new skin pack which brings improvements to “Minecraft's” Windows 10 Edition. The said pack is dubbed “Journey to the West,” and it brings to the game a Chinese-themed pack of blocks and buildable structure true to the theme's namesake, “Journey to the West.”

The skin pack, currently available for $1.99, brings characters like ‘Princess Iron Fan,' ‘Lord Hundred-Eyes,' and the ‘Monkey King' into the game. However, players will also be able to download additional characters like Red Boy and Guanyin free of charge.

The pack, sadly, is only available for “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition” and “Pocket Edition” on mobile. However, various platforms with the said edition stands to receive the latest from “Minecraft.”

In other news, Venture Beat got wind of a curious game in the making—”Portal Knights.” According to the article, the said game is sandbox-adventure in nature where players can build things and fight monsters in single-player and multiplayer games—making it sound like the gameplay of another game, “Minecraft.”

That's the main reason why it's being called a “Minecraft killer.” Furthermore, it's set to be released in Steam's Early Access on Feb. 25 for PC subscribers. It's got a lot of elements from classic RPG; there's dungeon-crawling, castle-building, and boss-fighting.

Players can choose between three classes—a warrior, a mage, or a ranger. They can then travel world-to-world by using ‘portal shards' that are craftable into portals.

This early, it's not clear whether this could effectively pose a threat to “Minecraft's” dominance, but it's good to see that there are other games which has been inspired by the sandbox-adventure.

‘Minecraft' content and competitors update: While celebrations culminate with new content, a threat arrives