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(Photo : Mojang) “Minecraft” has been a best-selling game for the past three years. After a $2.5 billion acquisition by Microsoft, the Mojang title is gearing up to be far more than a video game. Its creation manuals have recently placed well in several nonfiction book charts.

Few things prove “Minecraft’s” success more than the strong sale of books related to the game. As seen in The Wall Street Journal’s best-seller list for the week of Nov. 8, (via The Associated Press) two different “Minecraft” manuals have placed well in the nonfiction charts amongst its competition.

Specifically, Scholastic’s “Minecraft Construction Handbook” and “Minecraft Combat Handbook” are seated in the number six and ten spots respectively.

Both “Guinness World Records 2015” and Jennifer Lopez’s “True Love” were seated under these “Minecraft” manuals for that span of time. When a video game is powerful enough to dethrone the star power of Jennifer Lopez, there’s plenty of reason to admire its success.

These stats become even more impressive when it’s revealed that both “Minecraft” books have been on the market for two months. “True Love” on the other hand, hasn’t even been on store shelves for two weeks!

For those not in the know, Mojang’s” Minecraft” was originally released on PC and Xbox 360 about three years ago. Since then, anything to do with the brand has consistently managed to be a best-seller on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

In fact, “Minecraft” became so popular, that the game’s original creator recently left his own studio to pursue other projects. To make sure his loyal followers were still able to get a fix of their favorite game, he sold Mojang studios to Microsoft for $2.5 billion.

With this recent acquisition in mind,” Minecraft” is primed and ready to become something far more than a video game. Recent evidence has surfaced that a “Minecraft” movie is in development, and a “Minecraft” Lego set is in stores now.

“Minecraft” began its journey as an indie game that allowed players to make their own worlds. Today, these most recent book sales suggest it has evolved into a global and cultural trend.

“Minecraft” is available now on a myriad of platforms including PlayStation, Xbox PC, and mobile.

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