rtx1j11bMojang announced the release of Minecraft’s newest version together with Microsoft’s Windows 10 Edition during the last Minecon. The Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition will be released on July 29.

Minecraft for Windows 10 is the beta version of the earlier Minecraft games. Its release was also posted on Mojang’s blog article last July 4.

According to the blog post, the new Minecraft will be released complete with the 1.9 update. It will still include some features from its earlier PC version, but this time with the aim to allow its players to enjoy gaming with mobile and console users.

The multiplayer feature of the beta version will only allow a maximum of eight players for PC and Xbox Live. The new version will still include both survival and creative mode where players get to build their world and enjoy character abilities.

Players will also get the chance to record their gameplay with the DVR feature. More gamers are recording their gameplay to either provide tips to other gamers or to simply get feedback which can help them improve their play. The DVR feature will make this task easier for them.

Part of the announcement posted on Mojang’s blog was Microsoft’s desire to further develop the said game. The previous version was known as “Java”, which later on included an edition for mobile users.

The developers called the newest Windows 10 edition as “beta” to note their desire to further improve the game. The company further noted that they will be adding up new features and other updates in the future.

Upon release, those with PC versions will get the update of the newest Minecraft for free. For those who haven’t had the previous version, they can acquire it at US$10 (AU$13.38) while it’s still under beta.