Minecraft Battle Mech Destroys an Entire Village

Iron Golems? Useful when your village faces skeletons or zombies. Not so much when it’s the Colossus.

The Colossus was built by Cubehamster, who’s calling it the most advanced Redstone machine he’s ever made—yes, even more advanced than his other giant robot. Its features include:

  • The best start/stop engine ever made
  • Humanoid body and legs
  • Double mini Nuke cannons
  • Wipes out everything in its path
  • Move-able reload system for mini Nuke cannons.
  • Toggle-able precision Longbow Missile System
  • Sequential Tomahawk Missile Launcher
  • Elevator docking bay
  • Sky Elevator
  • Move-able storage
  • Slimeblocks, Pistons & Redstone Blocks
  • No Command Block & Redstone Dust

It also uses no mods and, since it uses no Command Block scripting, can 100% be controlled in a standard single player Minecraft survival game.

Check out the video below for a taste of the Colossus’ destructive capabilities:

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