Microsoft has published the source code for its Project Malmo. This tool will allow anyone to make artificial intelligence experiments in the Minecraft game based on little programming skills.

We remind you that Microsoft has unveiled its project back in March, but back then, the project was known as AIX. Not many people got their hands of the code, but it seems that this Thursday the company has decided to finally release it for the public in order to allow anyone to test it out.

Two years ago, Microsoft has purchased Minecraft for $2.5 billion and it seems that the company has decided that a good place where you can test artificial intelligence is in this awesome game.

In addition, the Minecraft server is controlling the passage of time, which means that researchers will be able to speed up their simulation. And let’s not forget that this is just a game and nobody will get hurt if something doesn’t go as planned. The server is also able to measure and monitor every detail which means that in case you’ve missed something you can always watch later in replay and analysis.

The Minecraft server underlying code can also be modified using Project Malmo, which means that you will be able to bring new AI elements to the virtual world. Researchers will be able to build AIs, which can learn in time to hold conversations, make decision and complete more complex tasks.

It is good to know that AIs can get quite good at talking and writing human language, but, unfortunately, they mostly don’t have any idea what it actually means. According to Katja Hofmann, one of the developers of Project Malmo, by putting AIs in a game such as Minecraft, where they will be able to associate words and actions, this will give them a good way to learn what those words really mean.

Minecraft Available with Project Malmo Tool