It looks like Microsoft has finally persuaded Mojang to port Minecraft to Windows Phone, following the $2.5 billion acquisition of the small studio.

Minecraft is available on almost every platform, including iOS and Android, but has not made its Windows Phone until today. The lack of users on Windows Phone has obviously put the port low on Mojang’s priority list, especially with updates to the PC version.

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer did confirm Windows Phone would see Minecraft Pocket Edition sometime in the near future. The game is available for $6.99 and is a fan favorite on iOS and Android—even with the lack of features compared to the PC version.


Mojang has not released solid numbers for mobile and has not shown the difference between PC, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS and Android sales. It is an interesting query, considering how popular Minecraft is on all platforms.

It is unclear how active the Mojang team will be, now it is a part of Microsoft. The game studio at Microsoft is rather large, working with several third party developers on ports and new features to make sure they work well before release.

Mojang also lost a few of its programmers when acquired. There is no confirmation on how many moved over to Microsoft and how many decided to drop out of the project. A few weeks before the acquisition, Mojang pushed out the 1.8 update to Minecraft.

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