On March 9, Mojang made the Minecraft 1.91 Pre-Release 2 download available to players.

Pre-Release downloads are not the actual updates to the game. Rather, as the name suggests, they’re released beforehand to help catch bugs and fix issues before the update is rolled out to everyone. As a result, it’s recommended you only download the Pre-Release if you’re experience enough to know how to properly use the files.

While 1.91 Pre-Release 1 added many new elements, such as better AI and Elytra sound effects, Pre-Release 2 mainly smooths out issues players had with the first one. There was a crash which has been fixed and the cooldown mechanics have been changed.

Minecraft 1.91 Pre-Release 1 changed the way cooldown works to make it less confusing for players, but that received considerable criticism, as several fans felt the new system threw off the game’s balance instead. So far, it seems as though Pre-Release 2 is an attempt to find a middle ground between that and the old cooldown system.

But the biggest news for most Minecraft players is that the official Minecraft 1.91 update will be out in two weeks, after GDC.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that a new update will soon arrive for Minecraft: Pocket Edition as well. After last month’s update to 0.14.0, fans are eagerly anticipating what might be included in Version 0.15.0. Popular rumors include the addition of resource packs (which will come to Minecraft: Pocket Edition eventually, even if not in this next update), the addition of music, and pistons.

Previous comments from Mojang have suggested music is planned, but still a long way off for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, so that one is unlikely. However, resource packs and pistons are both viable possibilities for Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.15.0. We don’t know when the update will arrive, but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Whether you play the original Minecraft or Minecraft: Pocket Edition, you have a lot to look forward to. Minecraft 1.91 is due out in two weeks and Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.15.0 will probably arrive in the near future.

Do you play either or both of these games? How have you felt about the previous updates, and what do you most want to see in updates yet to come? Have you tested 1.91 Pre-Release 2? Share all your thoughts with us on Minecraft, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and their upcoming updates in the comments below.

Minecraft 1.91 Update Out in Two Weeks; Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.15.0 Nearing Release?