Minecon 2015 Announced!Good news Minecraft fans as Mojang COO, Vu Bui announced that the Minecon 2015 will be held in London on July 4 to July 5 this year.

Minecon 2015 will be hosted by Mojang it will be held in London for the first time. On Aug. 21, 2014, Vu Bui, COO of Mojang wrote on the company's official website:
“I've been getting a lot of questions about MINECON lately, because before this time last year everyone knew the date and location and ticket info for MINECON 2013. While we don't have a set date for the next MINECON just yet, I wanted to let everyone know that it won't be until sometime in 2015. I'm shooting to have it in the spring in London!”

Just two weeks ago on Jan. 22, Bui hinted about Minecon news on Twitter:

“MINECON news is coming soon!”

Bui also revealed the details on when and where will Minecon be in London:

WHEN: July 4-5, 2015

WHERE: ExCeL London Exhibition and Conference Centre

WHO: You, hopefully!

Bui said in the statement, “If you like Minecraft, and you like people who like Minecraft, you'll probably like MINECON. It's THE place to see all the cool Mojangstas you fancy, meet people who love Minecraft maybe even as much as you do, and attend panels and events full of YouTube creators and a ton of other talented folks!

This summer we are heading to London, UK to hang out with 10,000 of our closest friends (hint: that's you!). As usual there will be panels, contests, tournaments, events and a soon-to-be-announced show-of-some-sort for our Saturday night bash.”

Talking about the tickets, Bui said, “they will be released in two batches on the same day, different times, 5,000 tickets in each batch.” He added, “When you buy your ticket you'll also get access to our discounted hotel pricing, so don't go booking a hotel room just yet!”

According to The Guardian, Minecon started as an informal gathering of “Minecraft” fans back in 2010 in Bellevue, Washington when Markus “Notch” Persson, the game's creator, was in town and said he wanted to meet players.

In other news, Mojang developer Nathan “Dinnerbone” Adams announced about the game's installer on Twitter on Jan. 30.

“Our new installer uses Java 8, so that helps, but we haven't pushed people to use that – only new players have that right now.”

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