One of the first things Microsoft could do with the Minecraft franchise to help improve the overall experience is to “unify” the various versions of the game, using Xbox Live.

“I think what we’ve learned through Xbox Live is something that we can help in unifying a little bit of what happens with Minecraft today,” he said. “If I’m on PC I get access to the mod servers; if I’m on console or the mobile editions, I don’t. We’re looking at how do we bring that whole system together a little more. Because there are other games out there that let me move from screen to screen fairly seamlessly.”

Microsoft has pledged to not remove the existing versions of Minecraft for competing platforms such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. However, it remains to be seen if Spencer’s ambition to unify game experiences through Xbox Live would apply to those versions of the game.

via Microsoft Talks Minecraft Buyout, Possibility of Minecraft 2 – GameSpot.