It's the battle of the heavyweights as the legendary Mario from the Super Mario video game series takes on the guy from Minecraft in this video published Sunday by Dorkly.

In the clip, Mario and Minecraft Guy — aka The Player, or Steve or Steve? — try to determine once and for all which video game franchise is better. Things get heated the second Minecraft Guy comes into the room, calling Mario “Chef Boyardee,” which really sets Mario off.

The two argue about which franchise is more popular, whether or not people are actually playing any Mario games on the Wii U gaming console and how long kids have spent playing each respective franchise.

Ultimately, the video makes it seem like Minecraft is the winner here, but I have to disagree. I'd much rather sit down with my kiddo and build a level of iconic Mario side-scrolling goodness in the new Mario Maker game than watch him build things in Minecraft.

For me, at least, Mario's nostalgia easily wins out over the creativity afforded by the blocky sandbox construction game of Minecraft. But maybe that's justa-me, Mario fan.

Let us know which video game franchise you think is best in the comments.

Mario takes on Minecraft Guy in battle of the video games