Microsoft and 4J Studios keeps making updates to Minecraft to ensure that the users have a great experience as they play as well as introduce new features.Here are some Minecraft Xbox One Updates for 2015:

The Simpsons add-on skins

4J Studios made a small update for Xbox One’s Minecraft. They however did not release patch notes for the alteration made. Users soon discovered that they could view The Simpsons add-on skins which are to be added in the forthcoming skin pack DLC.
An attempt at changing the current skin allows one to preview the Simpsons avatars; however, they are yet to be available for purchase. News on the skin packs began being reported in January 2015. The DLC will allow access to 24 new Minecraft avatar skins.

The skins were inspired by the Simpson family- Bart, Marge, Maggie and Homer.
The licensed Minecraft DLC was to be released by the end of February. 4J Studios is yet to confirm whether the add-on will be made on other platforms like PS3, 4 and Vita. Roger Carpenter from Microsoft Studios however expressed his desire to ensure that all Minecraft updates are made on all platforms.

Title Update 21

This update comes with play improvements and fixes bugs as well. This update follows the Title Update 20 which helped fix many bugs. However, 4J Studios realized that another update was needed for all bugs to be fixed. The problem may have emanated from the Title Update 19 which had 3 different packs. This resulted in many bugs and issues that needed to be fixed.

The Title Update 19 featured red stones, witches, horses and wither skeletons. It is after the release of the Title Update 19 that issues like horses appearing and disappearing began to be encountered. However, subsequent updates have resolved some of the issues, and even more will be resolved in future updates.

The Title update 20 also fixed the many crashes that were happening as well as the village generation issue. The Title Update 21 had more Redstone fixes, and increased the limit on the Minecart. To ensure the horses don’t disappear, keep them in an area that is fenced-off. Starting with an empty map comes in handy when crafting a map.

The issue regarding witch huts, where other mobs spawn in them after a reload was also fixed. After the Nether was reset, Blaze and Chests spawners disappeared from the location. This has been fixed by the 21 update, as well as the Minecraft traveling to Nether portals.

All in All

Updates are a crucial part of a great gaming experience. For 4J Studios to provide the ultimate gaming experience, these updates will keep rolling, as they not only improve the gaming experience, but also introduce more dynamic features. Title Update 22 is probably being prepared and it could fix even more problems. Better still, new features could be introduced in the game. Microsoft is striving to ensure that the Minecraft Updates for XBox One are available on all platforms. This is a great approach since all users will benefit from the updates in spite of the platform they are using.

List of Minecraft Xbox One Updates for 2015