There are Minecraft updates and feature changes coming in the near future that could have a huge impact on the way millions of users play the game and interact with the worlds that they’ve built. Some of those changes include the ability to dual-wield weapons and two new versions of Minecraft built specifically for different audiences.

Video game developer Mojang announced the two new versions of Minecraft and what users can expect in future Minecraft updates this past weekend during an event called Minecon 2015. Minecon brings thousands of Minecraft lovers, modders and fanatics to one place for announcements and more. Though the new versions of the game are important, new information about future Minecraft updates are what is causing the biggest commotion.


In Minecraft’s survival mode, players have only been able to carry around a single weapon at any given time. Mojang says future Minecraft updates will alter that, according to video game website IGN. Going forward Minecraft players will be able to dual-wield, giving them two weapon options. The character’s primary hand will hold a secondary tool while the other holds a primary weapon. Which hand the primary weapon is in is dictated by whether the character is left-handed or right-handed.

To build on that new dual-wielding, future Minecraft updates will focus heavily on new weapons. A shield is coming to act as a primary defense for Minecraft characters under attack. New arrows complete with different passive effects are coming to. A Glow Arrow will allow players to spot an enemy from further away in the dark. Mojang hasn’t fully detailed the arrow line-up but it’s expected to be extensive, with different arrows having decent, but not over-powered effects on gameplay.

The End, an area already in Minecraft, is getting a huge update too. Instead of being one single island, it’ll grow to encompass “many islands” and feel fundamentally different from other environments in the game. Shulkers, a new enemy, will lurk around The End, ready to take down any ill-equipped Minecraft player. The Shulkers have projectiles that’ll cause players to levitate around The End if they aren’t careful. Getting to The End will require crafting an End Gateway, something that’s not currently in Minecraft.

Mojang hasn’t given a specific timeframe for these coming upgrades and changes, but has revealed a new version of Minecraft that’s set to arrive on July 29th. Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is getting its own dedicated version of Minecraft complete with new changes and features of its own. Called Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, this version will include Creative and Survival modes. Creating worlds, crafting materials and multiplayer are the focus of this version.

It’ll support all of the gaming features of Windows 10, including Xbox One controller support, GameDVR for video clips and multiplayer directly with the console version over Xbox Live. Anupdate coming later will add multiplayer for those using Minecraft Pocket Edition too. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition will be a beta at first, with more updates and features coming on a continuous basis. It’ll only cost users $10 throughout the time it is in testing.

The other new version of Minecraft is Minecraft Story Mode, a more streamlined experience coming from developer Telltale games. It’ll come in five episodes and focus on Jesse. Minecraft story mode is coming to all platforms that currently have Minecraft sometime this year.

Those who have Minecraft Pocket Edition on their iPhone, iPad and Android tablets can expect future Minecraft updates to include new options to reposition interface elements, and controller support. Dynamic weather, sprinting and crouching are coming too.

No doubt, Mojang will provide more detailed information about the new Minecraft updates as they launch on different platforms. Minecraft is available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 as digital downloads. The game is also available for purchase in the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store for Windows Phone.

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