It hasn’t been that long since we got the 0.14 update forMinecraft Pocket Edition [$6.99], and yet I’m already waiting for update 0.15 to hit because I want those pistons for my completely-unnecessary secret chamber entry. After a relative silence of a couple of weeks, the developers surfaced once more with our first look at the pistons coming to MCPEhopefully in the 0.15 update. The animation looks smoother than the PC one (at least in my eyes), but that could be because I haven’t played the PC version in a while. Regardless of that, the fact that we are finally seeing pistons in action is a sure sign that technical issues are getting resolved and that we should (emphasis on should) get the pistons in the next update. I’m sure pistons will make a lot of you happy judging from how players have been asking for them constantly.

0.15 should bring more than just the pistons to the game; we might get texture packs (which I cannot wait for since I like clear glass), possibly new biomes, and maybe even the return of Pocket Realms. These are well and fun, but I really want to see music come to the game. It’s been my number one feature request for many, many updates, and I hope it’s not too far away. For me, the Minecraft experience is intertwined with that fantastic music, so I can’t wait for it. We don’t have any clues for when 0.15 will release, but hopefully it’s not too far away.

Here’s your First Look at Pistons in ‘Minecraft Pocket Edition’