Been waiting on pins and needles for news regarding the upcoming Minecraft movie? The good news is there's actually one big piece of news: a release date. The bad news? You're going to be waiting a few years still until you can feast your eyes on it.

The official Mojang blog had a concrete release date for the film today: May 24, 2019. It'll release in 3D and IMAX, but that's just about all we know about the movie at this time. Vu Bui, COO of Mojang, notes that it does seem like quite a long time away, but it “just so happens to be the right amount of time to make it completely awesome” while promising “loads more” will be shared soon.

Minecraft continues to be a tour-de-force, with the newly-launched Battle mini game a success and Minecraft Realms, the paid multiplayer server hosting service out there in the wild for players being introduced for mobile players.

What could a movie version of Minecraft bring? We'll have to wait a few Memorial Day holidays to see.

Here's when that ‘Minecraft' movie is finally coming out