Last month I posted about the contents of the “beta” Mine Chest. If this is the first you've heard of it, the basic idea is the same as all those other swag box subscriptions. $29.99 a month gets you a shipment of Minecraft swag, about every 30 days, and it's filled with some exclusive stuff you can only get via this service. This month was pretty similar to last month, in that there was a shirt, a sticker, a stamp, and other little trinkets.


The outside of the box itself looks the same, last month's box looked like a wood block when you opened it up, and we've got a new material this time around, but the same basic load out of a t-shirt and a post card on top. This month's post card has a neat 3D lenticular effect:


Here's the back of the post card:


And the full shirt:


Getting deeper into the box yields this month's stamp and ink pad:

FullSizeRender 9

The sticker (which got a little messed up in packaging):


A Hotwheels mine cart:

FullSizeRender 7

Two of these mystery figures:

FullSizeRender 12

Inside they come wrapped in a black bag so you can't see what they are, here's the two I got:

FullSizeRender 11

Last, but not least is the IRL crafting recipe:

FullSizeRender 8

Aaaaand here's the instructions to make the Ghast Kite:

FullSizeRender 10

So, yeah, that's this month's Mine Chest. As an adult without kids, it's real hard to gauge the value propositions of these boxes. Last month had a coffee cup which was pretty cool, but aside from maybe wearing the shirt, there's nothing here for me. Maybe if I had kids they'd be super into these mini figures? Either way, if this stuff looks cool and you want a Mine Chest of your own you can sign up over on their site.

Here's What's in This Month's Minecraft Mine Chest Loot.