“Halo Wars 2” will be having a second beta filled with major changes in 2017. Most of the changes were derived from the feedback collected from the release of the first beta of the game.

343 Industries and The Creative Assembly made the announcement of the second beta of “Halo Wars 2”. The question now though is how drastic the changes will be. The best way to find out is to await the second beta.

Some of the possible improvements in the second beta

Among the likely changes for the second beta of “Halo Wars 2” could include the population cap. The feature was kept low in the first beta so seeing that raised in 2017 is a strong possibility. Unfortunately, there is no definite number tied up to that as of this writing.

Also possibly improved would be the Leader Powers. Gaming Bolt hints that they may be made easier to understand. Bases are an aspect of “Halo Wars 2,” possibly coming out with better display highlight the damages they take from attacks.

Game Stability, UI improvements and more

The “Halo Wars 2” team has apparently been busy monitoring the first beta and one of the important things that will be addressed as well is game performance. Through a blog post from the Xbox.com, the developers bared that they were aware of the connectivity issues, de-synchs and so on. 343 Industries Dan Ayoub was happy to note that they have addressed the issue for the final version.

In all, the post also revealed that there are five main areas that will undergo adjusting. That includes controls, leader abilities, bases, resources and energy and the population. Several of those were already tackled earlier.

Ayoub promises more updates aside from the seemingly heavy work they have ahead of them. Just the same, the massive changes should be something to look forward to. They will likely be on full display when the second beta of “Halo Wars 2” comes out in 2017 for the Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms

‘Halo Wars 2’ Latest New & Update: Second Beta Happening in 2017