There have been lots of speculations going on around Rockstar Games' upcoming title, GTA 6, from the new features it will offer down to the locations it will introduce. Now, latest rumors have surfaced pointing to the possibility of the new installment arriving with VR capability. Apart from that, it is also said to introduce a massive map that covers all of the ones found in previous GTA titles.

According to Game & Guide, GTA 6, once it arrives, will have a VR (that is Virtual Reality) feature — something that a good number of fans have been clamoring for. And indeed, if it becomes a reality, it will present a new kind of excitement for the fans to experience.

Aside from the aforementioned feature, GTA 6 is also rumored to introduce the biggest map in the franchise. This gameplay map, for lack of a better term, is deemed to be a combination of all the maps from previous titles in the franchise. Of course, it remains a mystery as to how it will be made accessible in the game — let alone the truth about its existence.

As for the GTA 6 setting, a handful of locations have been placed on the list – from Japan to London to San Diego. However, the one that intrigues the community the most is London. That, according to Ecumenical News, Rockstar might possibly take the new title to Europe — particularly in the aforesaid country.

But of course, London is not something new to the franchise. It has already been utilized in the past — specifically in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The only catch, however, is that it was set in year 1961. The speculation about GTA 6 being set in the aforementioned location stems from the number of British staff involved in developing the game.

Although it holds true that Rockstar has yet to confirm these rumors, there is every inch of possibility that either one of these rumors might come true. As for its release date, GTA 6 is believed to be released sometime between 2018 to 2020.

GTA 6 News & Rumors: Talk Of Possible VR Gameplay And Japan Or London Map On The Rise