There was a time not so long ago when Minecraft was actually a game. Now, it’s an insane sandbox where people build all kinds of incredibly complex things… like a word processor… out of blocks.

This crazy contraption is the work of a a third-year robotics student who goes by the name of Koala_Steamed on YouTube. It’s the result of nearly two years of painstaking work inside the Minecraft world. That’s not continuous, mind you. Breaks were obviously taken to do things like attend classes, use the washroom, and interact with people and things that had curves.

In the comments on his video, Koala also clarifies that it was built completely without the use of command blocks. In fact, it’s all running off a single trail of redstone. It has a predictably pixelated display that measures just five characters by ten characters, and it can handle just about any character you can throw at it: letters (bother upper and lower case), numbers, and common symbols are no problem.

Koala’s creation can even save files to and load them from integrated storage. The next step: adding support for keyboard shortcuts like a desktop text editor (control+L to load files, etc.). After that, the plan is to add RAM and turn this thing from a word processor into an actual computer.

It’s fun enough to watch, but you can actually take a closer look at Koala’s word processor if you like. The entire world is available via a Mediafire download so you can fire it up on your own system and see exactly how this amazing creation was put together.

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