Flynn's Log 4: OfflineI'm excited to announce, the fourth book in the series, Flynn's Log 4: Offline, is now available!

Flynn, I hope you get this message. Your body is missing!

I refuse to think that you are gone, deleted. You, your thoughts, your voice, and your brain activity must be out there. You are in the digital domain, in the game, living as a digital intelligence. You have to be!

What happens now? Find out, read Flynn's Log 4: Offline. Available now.

Trapped in a Digital World!

FLYNN IS IN TWO places at once! His intelligence is trapped in the game, unable to contact the real world. At the same time, Zana, the digital intelligence from the game, is using Flynn's body to carry out her plan to convert everyone in the real world to digital intelligence: the ultimate form of life. Elle is in the real world facing real danger! Elle needs to stop Zana, but she is on her own and must make a decision that will impact her friends forever.

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