One of the coolest things about Minecraft is the ability to experiment with generating the world you play in through the use of world seeds. While there’s nothing cooler than discovering a new world through experimentation, there’s a lot of value in being able to check out the worlds discovered by others through whatever methods available to them. Minecraft PE [$6.99] had a pretty decent collection of seeds available online but with the addition of infinite world types back in version 0.9.0 the seed collection has been split in two. We thought we’d focus on the infinite worlds and provide a short list of seeds with some pretty cool starting areas.

In case you’re new to Minecraft PE and don’t know how to launch a seed world, simply tap the ‘Advanced’ button in the upper right corner after getting to the Create a World window and put in the seed number in its text box.

Great Starter World

Great Starter World (Seed -495809461)

This is a pretty cool seed that starts out between a desert and plains biome. However, start exploring the plains side and you’ll quickly see a pretty neat giant village that’s a pretty neat place to start out. A few forests, lakes and caves round up the starting area and offer a good opportunity to build up the village even more or take advantage of the flat area nearby to start your own construction.

Mesa With Shafts

Mesa With Shafts  (Seed 2431673)

At the start point you’re at the edge of three different zones. Plains to one side, a forest to the other, and a giant mesa at the other. It’s the mesa you might be interested in, as there’s a bunch of open cave entrances that jump straight down into mineshafts. In fact, one of closest openings to the start zone has a few gold ore right off the bat. As far as starts go, this one isn’t as inviting as the giant village but it’s a good one if you want to go straight into mining.

Mountain Village

Mountain Village (Seed 1408106526)

As you might guess, a lot of the seeds that get attention are those with really cool villages or really cool natural landmarks. This seed has both which makes it especially appealing. You start out near a river that goes into a giant mountain. Make your way to the top of the mountain (which should be easy if you’re in Creative mode) and you end up at a pretty cool village perfectly situated at the top. Even more interesting, on the other side of the steep mountain is *another* village situated way at the bottom. As far as worlds with interesting landscapes situated right at the spawn point, you can’t do much better than this seed.

Ocean Village

Ocean Village (Seed 1413755523)

No list of seed starts is complete without one that has an ocean village as the restart point. That’s what you get with this seed, which puts you in the middle of the ocean with a handful of buildings connected by wooden walkway. Once you get your bearings, you’ll eventually find a sizable body of land nearby complete with animals, mountains and various biomes. It’s a cool seed if you want to use the start zone as a base of operations while you explore the lands across the water.

Easy Stronghold

Easy Stronghold (Seed 1074879716)

The last seed for this edition puts you near a couple of villages with some cool loot. That’s all well and good but what’s really neat is the stronghold that can be found down the wall in the second village (the one without a blacksmith). Dig straight down and you should eventually hit some stone bricks, signifying an actual structure. Once you see that, digging around on that level will eventually reveal a Stronghold, complete with an end portal. Missing the eyes, of course. It’s a pretty cool seed in that you can get a host of cool items as well as a stronghold within seconds of the start zone.

Five Cool ‘Minecraft PE' Seed Worlds to Get Ahead Quickly