Gamers have been speculating about a sequel to Minecraft for years, but here’s the truth: It’s not happening. At least, not any time soon.

In fact, developer Mojang says it’s never even discussed the possibility of creating Minecraft 2, according to a report from PCMag’s sister site IGN. Mojang CEO Jonas Martensson told IGN that he’s happy to continue developing the existing game.

But that doesn’t mean a Minecraft 2 could never happen. It’s just not something even remotely on Mojang’s radar at this point. The company reckons that the original will still be holding strong a decade from now.

He also suggested that there isn’t enough demand for a sequel at this point to warrant one — but that could change in the years to come.

“I think we’ve always been listening to the players and one big step has been to bring the game to all platforms and letting people play together,” Martensson said. “We also want to make sure the creativity of the community is still there, so we can allow and empower all our users to create plugins or mods, then I think then the community will take the game where it’s going to be in five years.”

Meanwhile, the plan to continue iterating the existing game falls in line with Microsoft’s new strategy to improve its Windows operating system through regular updates, instead of releasing a whole new version every few years.

“There was never, even within Microsoft, a conversation about a Minecraft 2 just because it’s never how the game has been developed and even in the philosophy that the company has taken with Windows 10 where this is something that gets updated often,” Microsoft Games Studios general manager Matt Booty told IGN. “The way to think about it is more to do with continual updates and a continual process.”

Don’t Hold Your Breath for Minecraft 2