Author Danica Davidson is at it again. She’s expanded her list of ‘Unofficial Overworld’ adventures, with an exciting new installment to the series. This marks the sixth story she’s written in the world of Minecraft She also discusses her work outside the Minecraft realm.

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 15: Mojang’s ‘Director of Fun’ Lydia Winters speaks about ‘Minecraft’ during the Microsoft Xbox E3 press conference at the Galen Center on June 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

William Wilson: What brings you back to the Books for Minecrafters series as a writer?

Danica Davidson: I’ve been writing different types of stories as far back as I can remember, but what I really appreciate about the Minecraft game is its creativity and the mythos it’s made for itself. When I was a kid, I liked writing adventure stories and bringing them in to share with my classmates, and this just feels like a continuation of that. Writing books for Minecrafters allows me to write about a world full of detailed monsters and extravagant settings and it really lets the imagination be limitless.

Wilson: What inspires you when you write these stories?

Davidson: A sense of fun and adventure. I try to end most my chapters with a cliffhanger, to keep things exciting. The books are written from the point-of-view of eleven-year-old Stevie, so I always go back and read stories I wrote when I was eleven to make sure I get the right voice.

Wilson: Please tell our audience about your new books. What can new readers and current ones expect?

Davidson: There are six books in total in the Overworld Adventures series: Escape from the Overworld which can be found here, Attack on the Overworld which can be found here, The Rise of Herobrine which can be found here, Down into the Nether which can be found here, The Armies of Herobrine which can be found here and Battle with the Wither which can be found here. The Armies of Herobrine and Battle with the Wither are coming out in September and October, respectively, and the rest are already out.

Danica Davidson Talks ‘Minecraft', Heroes, Villains And Other Stories