If you like empire-building games, then this piece of news will catch your interest: Crown and Council has landed on Windows 10 PCs. Expand your luxurious kingdom, divide and conquer all your enemies and if they refuse, crush them all with no mercy.

Wrench havoc in all 75 available maps and show everybody who the leader is. This is a fast-paced strategy game, there is no time for rest when it comes to conquering land and obliterating rival monarchs. If you are not fast enough, others may get there before you.

The strategy is simple: click adjacent land tiles to subdue them with your army, then pile their gold to fund further expeditions, defensive forts, naval attacks, build universities and other essential structures. Alliances are not tolerated in a worlds where there can be only one ruler.

It’s simple to play, but it’s not so easy to win. Pay attention to the depletion of your resources, if you spend all your money on universities, your army won’t be strong enough to subdue your enemies. Don’t attack too quickly either, hoping to put enough boots on the ground to give you an irreversible early advantage. Recovering after a defeat can be more difficult than expected.

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As much fun as this game may appear, players have already encountered issues:

Surprisingly good, casual, easy to learn, free game which gets harder and more satisfying as you progress with new units and ways to increase turns. At this point, there are many problems with the interface: click area not responding, window sizing, minor Engllish errors, but hopefully Mojang will fix these in an upcoming patch. Though the game saves progress and continues at the highest level you’ve completed, I don’t see a way to reset progress or any interface options to adjust sound or screen size. The only serious drawback is the random level creation which makes some levels either impossibly difficult or incredibly easy.
There’s no reason to not try this or give it a bad rating since it’s free and delivers what it promises.

And another player adds:

There is a list of things wrong with it however: Window is not resizable, controls are somewhat obfuscated, they’re only really relayed by the loading screens between games, and the game has no real menus, including no start menus.

Maybe all these issues will be fixed in the future, but for the time being, Crown and Council is an excellent game to kill time on your commute way back home after a day’s work.

Crown and Council brings the geopolitical drama to Windows 10