We’re super happy to present update 0.12.3 for Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta.

Here’s the tweaks:

  • [JIRA 9985] Tooltip position was incorrect and visibility time was too short
  • Sneaking (Crouching) animation is now visible from First Person View
  • Fixed so controller doesn’t lose its functionality on the death screen
  • Prevented Mojang logo from appearing sideways on iPhone 6+
  • Stopped so mining strength doesn’t passively grow, allowing one-hit breaks
  • Item from 1st slot of hotbar got duplicated when placed on different hotbar slot from inventory
  • Fixed so saving doesn’t corrupt Monster Rooms
  • Controller tooltip (“[X] Tab”) doesn’t overlap in the hotbar in Inventory Menu
  • Player couldn’t use controller’s D-pad to navigate through Inventory Menu

Have a great gaming weekend and if you manage to find some scary bugs, please report here:

Boo! Minecraft: Pocket Edition update is out!