If you are the parent or grandparent of boys aged between five to 12, chances are you are familiar with Minecraft, a computer game. Minecraft has spawned a range of official books, rather ugly affairs, which the developers insist can only be printed at one particular European printer. As the whole demographic worldwide wants these books, it’s often hard for the printer to keep up. For local publisher, Hardie Grant Egmont, the book has been a bonanza. In November, the Minecraft Blockopedia will be published and will retail for $59.95. One large Australian retailer reputedly wants 100,000 copies. We want quite a few too. But the Minecraft books are creating a bit of confusion on our shop floor. A customer recently asked one of our children’s specialists if we had Minecraft. ‘Of course,’ she answered, ‘it’s in the children’s section.’ ‘What? You keep it in the children’s section?’ ‘Oh yes, it’s very popular with five to 12-year-old boys.’ ‘I can’t believe that Mein Kampf could appeal like that!’ Red faces all round!

via Blog: Mark's Say: Minecraft and the vitality of the printed book · Readings.com.au.