The belief that the original is better than the sequel is one of the focal points being debated about as “Bioshock Remaster” nears its impending release date. Gamers are surely awaiting the game's release like hungry sharks awaiting the prey in the form of “Bioshock” immediate predecessor.

The developers of the game have released a video trailer showing an ashen setting imbibing an overall eerie feel that the original “Bioshock” has given its players.  “Bioshock Remaster” is expected to clean up and polish the sloven areas of the previous “Bioshock” game.

Some players liken the game as a stress reliever in times that they want to go all out wild and psycho because “Bioshock Remaster” gives players a chance to use high end weapons and shoot them relentlessly.  It's been a long time since the first “Bioshock” game has been released and players have truly missed the presence of the game.

Players who bought the “Bioshock” game almost ten years ago can get their hands on “Bioshock Remaster” for free.  The developers of the game have announced this wonderful offer recently and the owners of the original “Bioshock” game are very pleased to hear the news.  Who wouldn't be pleased with a chance to get a brand new and improved game resurrected from a game that they have patronized a few years back?

The much talked about “Bioshock Remaster” will have high-end graphics and visuals that will take the players to a whole new level of action.  The resolution itself proves to be a great difference from its predecessor.  The “Bioshock Remaster” will be rolled out on most gaming platforms.  There will be different release dates in specific countries but the worldwide release for ‘Bioshock Remaster” is scheduled on Sept. 16.

‘Bioshock Remaster' Release Date, News & Update: New Game Trailer Released, Updated Graphics Showcased; How To Avail Free Version?