Video game movies are currently going through an odd spectrum. With the somewhat successful release of the World of Warcraft movie, and with the Assassin’s Creed movie well on the way, many movie production studios are looking to get their hands on a game property to turn into a film. Hell, even Fruit Ninja looks like it will be receiving a big-screen adaption. But now, it’s Minecraft’s turn.

After Telltale Game’s success with Minecraft: Story Mode, a movie for the video game is now in the works. It will be directed by Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in association with Warner Brothers Studios. Vu Bui, COO of Mojang, has stated that it will be a large budget production that will be available in both IMAX and 3D.

Notch, creator of Minecraft, has been giving rumors to a possible movie adaption of his game for some time, but had never stated anything that completely confirmed that a Minecraft film was in the works. Now under the control of Microsoft, it seems as though the Minecraft franchise will be milked of all its worth for quite some time. Let’s just hope another movie like Pixels doesn’t get made again.