We’re getting a Wonder Woman movie. Finally. Great. Hopefully that will prove to studios that there is a thirsty market for female-driven superhero movies and finally open the door for other projects to have a chance. Here are eight female superheroes that need a shot at the big time ASAP.

  1. Batgirl – The bat-family properties DC has under it’s proverbial wing are tried and tested formulas for money-making. Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl has always been an exciting and fascinating story of a girl detective solving mysteries and helping the people she can. Think of it as Veronica Mars meets Spider-Man with a few cameos by the big bat himself. Skip the dark-and-gritty, cast Emma Stone in this, hire some snappy dialogue writers like Jane Esponson and let the magic make itself. I would see this movie in IMAX 3D a dozen times.
  2. She-Hulk – She-Hulk is the lawyer cousin to Marvel’s Hulk who, following a blood transfusing from her big green relation, gains all of his super-powers with none of the brain drain. Imagine The Good Wife’s Alicia Florrick if she could use gamma radiation powers to prosecute drug dealers and break some skulls. Imagine Miranga from Sex and the City trying to balance a great date and a big case with bulging biceps and an oversized wardrobe. This is just begging to be made! Please Marvel, I beg you.
  3. Marvel – The Kamala Kahn relaunch of Ms. Marvel from past few years has been one of the most exciting entries into Marvel comics in it’s recent history. She’s a young, shapeshifting, Muslim-American, Pakistani girl who fights both stereotypes and crime. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is begging for some diversity and Ms. Marvel could be just the way to fill that need. That isn’t to say that her stories themselves aren’t funny and heartwarming and exciting on their own, because they certainly are. Greenlight this, nerds.
  4. Black Widow – I mean seriously. Black Widow may be the only superheroine next to Wonder Woman herself that needs no introduction but has never headlined a feature film herself. What is going on over at Marvel headquarters that we’ve got two snoozy Thor movies and no high energy spy film for Scarlett Johansson to tear up? Didn’t Lucy prove that she can carry the badass super hero mantel to big money and big applause? It’s insulting that such a layered character with such a fascinating history performed by such a huge movie star has to justify her ability to draw a crowd to her story simply because of her gender. Get it together, Hollywood!
  5. Catwoman – Do not blame Halle Berry to this one you guys. If you rewatch the original Catwoman movie today you will see that she and Sharon Stone are single-handedly carrying that terrible material and, honestly, did their best. Catwoman needs a solid script that can really illustrate the shades of grey the character thrives in. I picture Olivia Wilde starring in a Shonda Rhimes-helmed thriller about a woman torn between her humanity and her sheer greed. Seriously what is holding the Batman franchise back from complete domination of the movie world? Zack Snyder? Get it together. Even pair her with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy and give us an evil version of Charlie’s Angels. Am I reaching for the stars, here?
  6. Captain Marvel – There has been a lot of talk floating around Marvel’s competitor to Wonder Woman ever since DC got that project off it’s feet. The internet can fight endlessly about who it’d like to cast in this project but I’m throwing my weight behind Katee Sackhoff, who was honestly born for this. She’s a young, super-feminist, triple A hero with bonafides epic story arches in her comic book history. This could be an amazing story about the feminist struggle in America with Carol Danvers fighting for the same credit and authority as Captain America and Iron Man in a world where we care more about what a female presidential candidate wear than whether or not she has the skill to lead the free world. Captain Marvel can be your Khaleesi, Kevin Feige! Let’s do this!
  7. Zatanna – You’re telling me you don’t want to see Amy Schumer or Ilana Glazer as a female magician in a fantasy comedy comic book romp? I picture a reimagining of Zatanna as a sort of super-Sabrina trying her best to keep the forces of evil away before she gets back to her one-woman show on the Vega strip. I picture a sexy, empowering, and special effect driven two hour adventure.
  8. Spider-Woman – It’s currently unclear is Sony or Marvel owns the rights to Spider-Woman, since their current legal mumbo jumbo recently went from complicated to completely impenetrable. Those two need to push that to the side and let the public finally see an original Spider-Hero hit their screens after 15 years of the same nonsense retreads. Spider-Woman is a completely different character from Peter Parker and his world of angst and thank god for it! Let this lady-arachnid free to spin a web of high-flying action? Please? I won’t ask again.

8 Female Superhero Movies They Should Make Now