Minecraft truly is a game of near limitless possibilities, and this colossal map is a real testament to what one (or many) can do in the game when they put their mind to it.

ShireCraft is the result of five years, 1500 players, and hundreds of builds. There’s even a working railway system, which is ridiculous in the best possible way.

Check it out:


Crazy, right? They’ve even got their own set of rules and regulations – hell, you even have to apply to join – this is a proper, thriving virtual community, and they’ll have none of your nonsense.

Of course, don’t expect to be able to just jump in and start building giant Minecraft dicks wherever you want in ShireCraft. Small projects must be built in the wilderness, at least 100 blocks away from other creations, while large projects actually need approval from a staff member.

Take a look at an extract on their rules for infrastructure:

The Shire Transit Authority will maintain all rail lines and highways connecting between cities. Please do not build any rail lines or highways without their consent or supervision. Specific standards have to be met and the STA is the only team qualified to do so. Contact STA Director Andy if you have questions or wish to set up an appointment with your local STA representative.

Honestly, you should check out their Wiki page because it’s seriously in-depth. I guess you can’t build such an impressive world without implementing a few rules.

Take a look at a video tour of one of ShireCraft’s most impressive cities below.

I don’t know whether I’m impressed, or terrified that the ShireCraft community will one day rise up and overthrow society.

I’ll leave you with a few more pics below.


1500 People Spent Five Years Making This Stunning Minecraft Map