FL2-books-300x300Delivering Minecraft eBooks from StoneMarshall.com has been amazing! It’s exciting to be able to give my readers something no other eBook seller can; a Minecraft eBook that can be read on any device. Every eBook purchase will work with any device (well, I can’t guarantee it’ll work with the old palm pilot stored in the garage).

But my ebooks are compatible with: iPad, iPod, Android, mac, pc, kindle, nook, kobo, and more.

Delivering Flynn’s Log pushed the old sever to it’s limits. It was often slow or down. Ugh! It was hard on me knowing I wasn’t giving my readers a good book buying experience.

Now, the new server is lighting fast! I’m amazed at how nice it is to work in high speed mode. Now I feel like Flynn when he goes into super digital mode!

Try out the new server, buy Flynn’s Log 2.

Thanks, and keep reading.

-Stone Marshall

Minecraft Adventures