Oh no! Flynn's Log 1: Rescue Island is not Free on Amazon.ca in Canada!

I need your help to fix this.

If you try to download Flynn's Log 1 and the price is not free, it means Amazon has decided to not match the promotion price available on other e-reader devices.

Amazon will change the price to free, but I need some help.

First, on the Amazon page for Canada, scroll down to find and click the link that says tell us about a lower price.

Next, paste some simple info into the Amazon window. It looks like this.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 3.24.20 PM

Copy and paste this URL to the Online store:


Enter the following.

Price: $0

Shipping: $0

Soon (based on Amazon's time) the price for my book in Canada will be free (again).

In the meantime, you can download Flynn's Log 1: Rescue Island for Kindle directly from me, free.

Thank you and sorry for this silly problem.

-Stone Marshall