Flynn's Log 1: Rescue Island eBookThe Minecraft eBook that begins the series, Flynn's Log 1 is on sale for only $0.99

June 13-June 19, 2014

Now you can read the eBook on your favorite device.

Minecraft Adventures-Flynn's Log 1: Rescue Island

Flynn’s memory is hazy. He wakes up in a strange world and faces two huge surprises.

First, his body has transformed. He is no longer a human. He is a Minecraft character!

Second, he is totally alone.

Will Flynn survive? How did he get in Minecraft? Can he get out? Find out! Read Flynn’s Log 1: Rescue Island, the first book in the series, Stone Marshall Minecraft Adventures.

This is a challenging, thought provoking epic Minecraft book adventure series! You will get in the mind of Flynn. You will adore Verve, be uncertain of Zana and wish you could help Flynn. You might even learn a few Minecraft tricks!

Written and Illustrated by Stone Marshall.