Sometimes everything comes together. You know the feeling, like you're on top of the world. Everything is working out for you. Life is moving in the right direction.

The complexities of life prevent every day from feeling like this, but when you get in the groove, everything seems great. It sounds like I'm describing Flynn's super digital experience from Flynn's Log 1. I'm not. I'm describing the way Flynn's Log 2 is coming together.

I remember how I felt when I wrote the ending to Flynn's Log 1. Epic! How could I possibly write something better? Well, I did. It just flowed out of me. Ideas have been rolling ideas around in my head for too long. It just hit me. A stroke of genius.

Flynn's Log 2 should be out in a week! Watch for it next Monday. If you haven't joined the Stone Marshall Club, what are you waiting for? Join here, and you'll be the first to know about the release of Flynn's Log 2.