DC Comics recruits Will Smith and Common for “Suicide Squad.”

Will Smith and Common are set to star in the forthcoming DC Cinematic Universe film Suicide Squad.

As the third release from DC Cinematic Universe, Suicide Squad departs from the typical style of comic book movies and focuses on a band of super villains as apposed to super heroes.

The plot of the film, which is due in theaters August 5, 2016, surrounds a group of notorious inmates who have been recruited by a government agency to take on covert missions that should ultimately lead to their deaths.

Will Smith plays the role of Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot, a highly skilled mercenary who is a well-known enemy to Batman.

Common's role has been kept under wraps to the public, but pictures have recently surfaced via Twitter showing him on set in Toronto.

The photos reveal Common as a possible bad guy wearing a leather wardrobe, tattoos and piercings as his attire.

According to JustJared, the rapper's ensemble is similar to that of the Green Latern villain Abel Tarrant aka The Tattooed Man, though Common's official role has not been confirmed.

A photo of Will Smith and a photo of Common from the set are as follows:

Will Smith

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Will Smith & Common Roles In DC Comics Film “Suicide Squad” Detailed