Do you think only hardcore games can scare you? Well you need to check out these ten indie games that can literally make you jump out of your seat.

10.) And Yet It Moves – Self Developed

This will definitely be the least scary title on the list for most of you. Overall it’s just odd and has potential to be scary to some. The art style is like paper cut outs. I think for me it’s the real abstract feel of ‘A Capella’ sound effects and goofy game design that make it seem not right.  It has the tendencies to just have a weird feel to it and actually is a cool experience.

9.) Which – Mike Inel

Very cool visuals and interesting background music make Which one of the more scary games that you could be playing alone. There is some real spooky stuff going on, and you’re wondering in this puzzle style first person horror game. The audio is going to be personal preference for most of you, nothing really scary there. Walking around in this grey world is quite the odd experience though.

8.) FRACT – Richard E Flanagan

Just really strange is one of the best ways to describe FRACT. It has a very abstract and unusual visual style and to be honest, kind of gives me the heebie jeebies. This wont be the last time you hear about me talking about the audio on this list. The audio in FRACT is actually pretty scary, and adds a lot to the experience.

7.) Soul – Kydos Studios

Soul is absolutely gorgeous. If you’re really into drawn art than you will love the visuals of this game. Although it’s not terribly spooky, there is no getting past the idea that you are in fact a soul. The vibration of the control is a heartbeat as you play which plays a minor factor in setting the mood for a late night freak out session.

6.) Uin – YoYo games

Uin looks and feels a bit dated but for some reason it creeps me out. It reminds me of something set in the world of Salad Fingers. It’s really just an odd game and to be honest the art although terribly simple is effective to give you the Goosebumps.  As if it wasn’t enough, Uin has a very spook filled audio section; don’t plan on this being just a regular old plat former. It’s mostly just completely odd, so if you like abstract games don’t miss out.

5.) Decay – Shining Gate Software

Decay is a point and click title for the Xbox 360, and its nothing short of ominous. If you like stuff like silent hill with puzzles and such, that you will probably find a bit of liking to Decay. Assuming you are into the game play similar to Myst. Overall there are some creepy things happening in this game and its worth exploring if you’re looking for a cheap spook.

4.) Devil’s Tuning Fork – The DePaul Game Elites

Just a spectacular idea of a character that plays with echo-location, this means that you see with sound waves. This game gives out some seriously creepy vibes, even though it doesn’t have any type of real visual horror. The audio is scary, there is no way to sugar coat it. The Devils Tuning Fork will seriously creep you out in a dark room by yourself.

3.) The Graveyard – Tale of Tales

The graveyard isn’t totally scary with shock value, but is truly just freaky. You play as a character that roams around a grave yard essentially waiting for death. It is a bit of a work of art to some, and to others just a fun little time burner. Don’t expect to be super creeped out by this, but it’s definitely a darker game.

2.) Amnesia the Dark Descent – Frictional Games

Fractional Games is defiantly one of, if not the best developers for creating games that will scare you to tears.  If you want to seriously experience fear from a video game than load this bad boy up and prepare for the worst. The sound effects alone are enough to make you feel like your really there. Monsters behind doors and running for your life is to be expected.

1.) Penumbra: Overture – Fractional Games

There is really something terribly creepy about running around in the dark with only a flashlight. It also doesn’t help that Penumbra is not only visually good, but the ominous audio sets the mood for a total creep fest. There is an innovative system, while surrounded by monsters; you are encouraged not to look at them. You have a chance of blowing your cover, as you are sneaking around if you see too much.