It's always the little things fans of AMC's “The Walking Dead” pay attention to, especially with the actors outside of the show.

According to Vanity Fair, the next actor they are worried about getting killed off the show is Lauren Cohan, who plays the character of Maggie on “TWD.”

This worry came about when the actress debuted a new hairstyle in public for the first time, which is a departure from her usual long wavy hair. She now has short and stylish hair, which indicates to fans she may indeed be leaving the show for new ventures in the industry. But does that mean she will be killed off on the show?

Fans were wrapped in the turmoil of Glenn's devastating drama and triumphant survival in the first half of the season, and when he turned out to be alive, the show might have crossed a barrier for fans.

What the comics have revealed to date is that Glenn does indeed get killed off, but that happens on the receiving of evil character Negan's bat. So now that he is alive and the big ordeal is over, is it likely that the show will just bring him back long enough to get killed by the upcoming debut of Negan?

It certainly does not seem likely, which means that in order for the show to continue with its powerful elements, someone with an equally beloved standing on the show will have to take his place in death. Someone that will have just as much impact on devoted fans as Glenn's own death. Someone like, oh say, his wife Maggie.

One thing that fans can count on for the TV series is that even though it takes most of its cues from the comic series, there are some big differences. Not everything that happens in the comic happens on the show — and vice versa.

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