Marvel and DC

Marvel vs. DC.

It’s a question that will be asked until the end of time. And frankly, why not? When two similar franchises are making movies, they are bound to be compared. When arguing, you often hear about

1: The Funny Avengers vs. The Brooding Justice League

2: The box office competition

3: The better story

and so on and so forth.


There is an interesting point that I have not yet heard made in this argument. A point that, while it may not decide who wins the arguement, sheds a bit of light on what has been going on, and what could happen in the future.

The real difference between Marvel and DC is!

*insert drumroll

The actors!!!




No please don’t go! There’s more to this! This whole idea come down to it! I mean, we don’t go to movie that don’t have characters in them do we? That’s why the actors are so important, they draw people into the movie. Many a time has a friend of mine gone to see a movie because they like the actor.

And that’s where the difference lies

All Marvel movies are a part of the MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe(except for Big Hero 6). Because of that, they need to keep continuity with the actors playing the characters(except for Rhodie….) Because thats what people want to see.

When you see this man:

Do you think Tony Stark/Iron Man? Or do you think Robert Downey Jr?

Marvel has given us actors over and over again to plat roles because that’s what we expect to see in a connected universe.

On the other hand….Batman.

Batman has been played by, soon to be 6, different actors. And that’s fine, because he isn’t in a connected universe, so they can do that.

But is DC doing something more with this???


What’s going on is that DC has been doing exactly what Marvel has been trying to avoid. They are intentionally having new actors playing their characters.


Well its a brilliant idea really.

In comic books we didn’t have a specific actos to root for. Batman was Batman, in any iteration. That’s what DC is trying to replicate. With different actors playing the same person, one doesn’t get as engrossed on the actor because, well, they’ll be gone soon. And if the movie flops (here’s looking at you Batman and Robin) they can blame the actor and get right on to the next movie.

But will DC buck that trend now that they are starting to have a Universe of its own? Only time will tell.

The REAL difference between Marvel and DC