“Teen Wolf” Season 6 is still months away from its premiere on MTV but fans are already excited to learn more about what's next for Scott, Stiles and the rest of the Pack. Spoilers for the upcoming season hint that Peter Hale will be back in Beacon Hills, which led to speculations that Tyler Hoechlin may also reprise his role as Derek.

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“Teen Wolf” Season 6 spoilers reveal that Peter Hale will be returning to Beacon Hills and his character is supposed to appear in episode 2, reports Movie Pilot. This led to speculations that another Hale will be returning to town.

As many fans and viewers can remember, Tyler Hoechlin announced his departure from “Teen Wolf” in Season 5. The show, however, still left the story open for Hoechlin's return in the series as Derek Hale.

However, “Teen Wolf” Season 6 spoilers reveal that Hoechlin still will not be appearing in the first half of the upcoming season. There also won't be any new Hales arriving in town; instead, the show will be introducing three new teenagers to the cast in an attempt to focus on a younger Teen Wolf.

Carter Matt also reports on Cody Christian's possible return in “Teen Wolf” Season 6. While his character, Theo, was presumed dead after the Season 5 finale, several reports claimed that Theo is still alive and will be back in Season 6.

Christian also seemingly confirmed his character's return during a Comic-Con in Perth, Australia, which definitely came as good news to fans and viewers. However, the 20-year-old actor recently clarified that his statement was not a confirmation of his character's return.

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Peter Hale Returns; Will Tyler Hoechlin Reprise His Role As Derek?