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Who would have thought that an MTV series based on a 1980’s Michael J. Fox comedy would have such legs. While Teen Wolf may have struck many an as odd choice for the basis of a supernatural series, nobody can argue with the success its had, and will continue to have, now that’s it’s been renewed for another season.

During their yearly panel at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday it was confirmed that Teen Wolf will be back for Season 6. SDCC has been a frequent location for the Teen Wolf crew to announce new seasons, a fairly impressive feat considering new seasons of the show have traditionally premiered in June. They’re only three episodes into Season 5 so they must be confident that the current season will not falter in the show’s ongoing success.  While ratings have dropped slightly this season the show is still a strong performer for the network and in cable TV overall, bringing in around 1.5 million viewers.

Six seasons is a solid run for any show, and since there was no announcement made that Season 6 would be the last, it will be interesting to see if we get a Season 7 announcement a year from now. Unless something abysmal happens in the ratings between now and then it's likely. It was also not announced how many episodes would be in Season 6. Most seasons of the show have been limited to 12 but Season 3 was 24 episodes long and Season 5 is being broadcast in two parts with a total of 20 episodes.

The success of Teen Wolf has lead MTV to turn other film’s into series including the most recent Scream series, which, like Teen Wolf takes inspiration, and little else, from its originator (many of the stars of Teen Wolf hadn’t even seen the film when they started filming). Scream however has not seen the early success that Wolf saw, a testament to whatever lighting in a bottle the creators have apparently caught here.

In addition to the Season 6 info the panel also premiered a new trailer that focuses on the second half of the current Season 5, check it out below:

While no date for Season 6 of Teen Wolf was announced it’s likely about 11 months away. With plenty of Season 5 left however fans will not be left wanting any time soon. Teen Wolf airs Monday nights on MTV.

Teen Wolf Renewed For Season 6